CACert is a system to build a certificate infrastructure using much the same mechanism as the PGP web of trust. Rather than paying someone to issue you a certificate (to use in an SSL enabled web browser, or to sign e-mail, for example), CACert works by verifying that you are who you claim to be by having other CACert members vouch for your identity.

Arranging a verification meeting

If you know me, bug me in any number of the ways you know how to bug me. Otherwise, e-mail to arrange a meeting. I randomly go to local user group meetings (especially if a keysigning or assurance party is going on). Other acceptable meeting places are places like Ugly Mug Cafe (Ypsi) ( Location) or the State St. Espresso Royale (A2) ( Location) (featuring both caffeine and free wireless access), the UMich Graduate/Undergraduate libraries, etc.

Getting Thomas to verify you

Get a CACert account and verify your e-mail address. Once you have done that, print out the Web of Trust form and bring it and two forms of ID to our meeting.

At least one of these must be a photo ID, and the names on both of them must match the name on your WoT form.

Assurance Points

My policy is to award the full amount of assurance points that I can for two forms of ID, and half of the points (rounded down) for one form of valid ID.

Other Things

CACert assurances are also a good time to trade PGP keys.