Wed, 28 Dec 2005

Vodka Gravy

This can lead to nothing but good.

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Mon, 19 Dec 2005

OpenSSH + gssapi + kerberos + afs happy dance, on NetBSD 3.0 RC6


Log in with an appropriately smart ssh client where you have forwardable kerberos credentials. "Appropriately smart" means "understands gssapi-with-mic and actually tries to do it" --- see the previous entry for details on that. See the client configurations listed here. The afslog in sshrc allows you to get afs tokens when you login via gssapi-with-mic --- the forwarded kerberos credentials are just plopped down, and aren't used to automatically get afs tokens.

Neatly, I noticed that console logins Just Work. Spiffy.

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Thu, 15 Dec 2005

Getting pine to do gssapi imap

Pine uses the c-client library from uw-imap, so if you build uw-imap with gssapi support, pine gets it too.

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OpenSSH + gssapi + kerberos + afs happy dance



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Tue, 13 Dec 2005

Generating a SITE_SPECIFIC_PKGS list

This link seems to be the best documentation on using the SPECIFIG_PKGS flag in NetBSD pkgsrc. To use it, you have to generate something that looks like SITE_SPECIFIC_PKGS= mail/mutt-devel security/openssh, i.e., a list with PKGPATH for each package you wish to build.

The next obvious question is "given a particular machine that has all the packages I want (from me adding packages one-by-one) how do I get a list of PKGPATH for each package?" The following seems to work for me:

/usr/sbin/pkg_info | cut -d " " -f 1 | \
 xargs /usr/sbin/pkg_info -Q PKGPATH | \
 sed 's/^/SITE_SPECIFIC_PKGS+= /' > pkglist

Which generates a list that looks like:

SITE_SPECIFIC_PKGS+= misc/screen
SITE_SPECIFIC_PKGS+= pkgtools/pkg_install
SITE_SPECIFIC_PKGS+= pkgtools/digest
SITE_SPECIFIC_PKGS+= shells/tcsh
SITE_SPECIFIC_PKGS+= mail/mutt-devel

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