Sun, 20 Jul 2008

Demetrius Run I Results

Yesterday was the first alleycat that Luke and I organized, Demetrius Run I. Didn't get many folks (I think the rain we got in the morning did that, plus we were idiots and scheduled the start of the race when Ann Arbor Cyclery, where a number of folks we know who come to alleycats work, was still open. Lessons learned, I guess). But otherwise things seemed to go smoothly, and the post-race BBQ was wonderful, as was the unplanned ad-hoc gathering at the Corner Brewery later that night.

Peter Gamberg55:15
Georgina Hickey1:05:15
Josh Glassman1:22:27, with bonus 1:18:27
Nick Tenbrink1:36:25
Andy Hromadka57:37, with bonus 56:37, but forgot a checkpoint

See photos here

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Mon, 07 Jul 2008

Demetrius Run I

Demetrius Run I
19 July 2008
Recreation Park, North Congress and Oakwood, Ypsilanti, MI
Registration @ 2:30 pm
Race @ 3 pm sharp, rain or shine
$5 includes post-race BBQ
Bring yourself, your bike and a pen

RSVP appreciated, send along with any questions to

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