After Dinner Thoughts

Scene: After dinner, my husband and I sitting on the couch, he playing Diablo III, me reading Twitter

I came across the phrase “Breaking a pool cue”, and find myself wondering, could I do that? If I were in a situation where that were warranted, would I be able to just break a pool cue in half or would I struggle. Now, I don’t anticipate ever being in a bar fight — far from it, I would go out of my way in my life to avoid bar fights — but it’s the kind of thing that if I were to end up in that situtation, wouldn’t I want to be prepared? Say, a racist biker gang rolls into town, or some local corrupt strongman sends their goons to harrass the populace, would you want to be struggling in the corner trying to figure out how to break your pool cue into a couple makeshift shivs? Hell no, you want to be able to stare the baddie directly in the eye and without thinking thwack instant instrument of justice.

Like, should my summer improvement plan be buying a gross of cheap pool cues, watching Roadhouse twice a week, and practicing until I can break a cue on demand?

Should I be saving our liquor bottles, and practicing breaking those on the edge of the table? You’d want to know how to do that properly, right? So you’re not going into a fight already dripping blood?