Ann Arbor Cranksgiving

Cranksgiving was held this year the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Over thirty finishers raced to six Ann Arbor area food stores, purchased items, and raced back to Bandemere Park, where the food was given to Food Gatherers. I believe I heard that over three hundred pounds of food was collected. I rode over to the park to help out as I usually do.

The weather was pretty cooperative for the race, dry, probably around 40ish when the race started (and clocking it at just above 30 when I made it home just before 8). I managed to stay pretty warm just layering stuff on, although I wish I knew what I did with my full length gloves, and I wish I had a pair of those arm warmers.

Adding to my fun, at least, is that during Night of the Living Tread II I busted the left pedal on the Zephyr, and in futzing around with the Croque Monsieur's shifter took all the springy out of the spring that holds the shifter in a particular gear. A shim made of aluminum foil and a velcro cable tie worked well to hold it in second gear, so I really didn't have much of a problem riding my now ersatz single speed.

Photos from the event can be found here.