LaserJet 5MP seems to be postscript only via the parallel port

The last bit of localtalk on my home network was my trusty LaserJet 5MP printer, which was routed to the ethernet network with some old box I got from my last job, configuration of which I last did with some utility that ran under Mac OS 9. A couple of weeks ago, it decided to stop working, leaving me without a printer.

Tonight I configured lpd on keymaster, and hooked it up via the parallel port in the printer. I was following the printing chapter of the NetBSD guide, the first step of which is plug your printer in and spit some text out to the parallel port. In doing so, I'd see my printer blink a bit, and then do nothing. A quick compile of enscript from pkgsrc and I confirmed that it prints just fine if you dump it postscript.