Coffee Gravy

A while ago I came up with the idea of making a coffee gravy — not like red-eye gravy, which is basically ham drippings and coffee, but actual gravy. Basically, using a roux to thicken coffee to a gravy-like consistancy.

Today I had a fortunate coincidence of events: I was at the Ugly Mug, needed to buy some beans for work, had some time to waste this afternoon and had my backup crappy bean grinder at home. Time to make some coffee gravy.

The roux side is fairly simple, four tablespoons of butter, four tablespoons of flour, cooked into a smooth paste for five minutes or so, just long enough to get the cereal taste out of the flour.

The coffee side was four scoops of the Mug's Cameroon Peaberry, roasted two days ago, made with a course grind in a French press. 205 deg. F water, steep for four or so minutes. Then, you simply have to bring the two together. I did add about a teaspoon of kosher salt, it made the coffee flavor pop more, I would say.

The final product, showing how thick it got.

Tested at the Mug, three of the baristas who were on duty then, Ethan, Eric and Birdman liked it. My friend Mike, who was just heading out when I brought it in, did not like it, but said it was because he does not like the taste of meat, and it reminded him too much of it.

More photos can be found here.