Peanut Brassicas

Building on the last recipe I posted, for peanut sauce, here's a perfect way to use it.

Put a bit of water and a steamer basket in a big pot, get that going. Cut florets from the broccoli (this works best if you turn the stalk upside down and trim florets off). I trim the unappealing bits off the remaining stalk and cut it into half-centimeter slices. Throw that in the steamer once it gets going.

Trim the cauliflower and throw that in, followed by the pea pods. Let it steam until the stems on the broccoli and cauliflower are just sharp (test with a sharp thin knife). Throw in the kale (remove the large stem pieces first) and steam a minute more.

Put in a large bowl, dump on some peanut sauce, and stir. No real measurments to speak of, but I did one-half head cauliflower to two stalks broccoli to a small hand of pea pods to a large handful of kale.