Glorious Kale

The past couple of weeks I haven't been eating well — a combination of being really busy, getting sick and work being a pain left me eating rather unhealthy. After I do this a while I can really tell it, and I get a strong urge to build up my vitamins, so to speak.

Tonight I felt this way, and when I need to stock up on nutrients, especially in the winter, I think of kale. I started with this recipe, for "Kale with Root Vegetables", but with a few additions it became what I call Glorious Kale.

Get yourself a large pot, put an inch or so of water in it and put in the steamer basket. While that's starting, prepare 2 lbs of kale — I just bought a bag of it that size, already chopped up. Peel and chop one parsnip and two turnips into bite sized pieces. Chop up six smallish red potatoes. Throw all of that into the steamer basket, drizzle a bit of kosher salt over it, and cover.

In another pan, sweat a diced yellow onion and 3 minced cloves of garlic in a little bit of oil with a pinch of salt. When all of that is good and soft, the root vegetables in the steamer should be soft but not mushy and the kale completely done. Kick up the heat on the onions and garlic, drop in all the kale and veggies, and saute a bit. Drizzle over just a little bit of sesame oil, balsamic vinegar and some Braggs liquid aminos. Grind on some pepper. If I had some toasted sesame seeds, I'd throw them in now.

Makes about 4 nice sized servings. And, if you have any love at all for all things good and pure, you'll save the liquid in the bottom of the steamer pot and put it in your next soup.