Tonight we Celebrate. Tomorrow we Fight.

Those who stand against the arc of the universe as it bends towards justice need to get out of the way, or be consigned to the dustbin of history. An important victory was scored today, hard won and long overdue. Yet another wrong against the equality of all people was righted today. Tonight we celebrate.

Tomorrow we fight.

We fight for the LGBTQ youth who are more likely than their straight peers to attempt suicide, who are disowned by their families for who they are, who are forced out on the streets. Until they are all safe and secure and in loving homes, we fight.

We fight for our trans* friends who are overwhelmingly submitted to intolerance and hatred and violence for who they are. Until they are all accepted as equals, we fight.

We fight for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters who can be fired from their jobs, denied a meal at a restaurant, thrown out of an apartment, or be denied healthcare in their time of need, just for who they are. Until those rights and others are as guaranteed to LGBTQ people as strongly as they are to straight people, we fight.

We fight for those LGBTQ immigrants and refugees who are being thrown back by our own governments to places where they fear for their lives just for who they are. Until those huddled masses can yearn to breathe free safely here, we fight.

We fight for everyone who has been killed or maimed, had their funeral picketed, been vilified by cowardly simpletons, been pointed at, laughed at, ridiculed, just for who they are. Until all people, of all races, all colors, all religions, all creeds, all genders, all sexual identities, all gender expressions, all backgrounds, all classes, all incomes, all everythings are given the same damn basic rights and guarantees and protections as everyone else, we fight.

You may have your temporary victories, you weak, you close-minded, you bigots, you hate-filled people, but they are temporary. Our marches may sometimes lag, but they do not stop, and against your hate they will push and move you aside, until you are nothing more than a footnote in future history books, spoken of in sad voices and and in dusty museum exhibits, to serve nothing more than to cause future school children to ask, "Did they really think that back then?"

The gloves are off. We will Fight.

And We Will Win

  • Video from the celebration outside of The Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village, New York City
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