2009 Coffee House of Record Report

Ever since May of 2005 I've had the habit of designating a local coffeeshop as my "Coffeeshop of Record" — it's the place I always hang out at, and my favorite local caffeine establishment. Or, as I sometimes put it, "my drug dealers". Because I'm also that kind of person, I keep statistics of how much I spend there.

Shortly after moving to Ypsilanti I designated the Ugly Mug Cafe as my CHoR. This previous year's statistics (16 February 2008 - 15 February 2009) are:

  • Total Spent: $587.59
  • Days Visited: 195
  • Items Noted: 341
  • Avg/Visit: $3.01
  • Avg/Item: $1.72
  • Avg/Week: $11.30

It adds up, doesn't it? (This is the reason I keep track of it). But, the way I figure it hanging out at the Ugly Mug is my primary form of entertainment, and $11 a week is relatively cheap as those things go.

Notes for those who care: supplies I purchase at the CHoR do not count, e.g. beans I purchase at the Mug for use at home or at work are not counted. Last year I did come in one evening to be a volunteer judge when a couple of the baristi were practicing for a competition, the six drinks I had (two espressos, two cappuccinos, two signature drinks (!)) were counted as items of zero cost.