Kopi Luwak at Cafe Luwak

Now, the Ugly Mug Cafe in Ypsilanti is my Coffee Shop of Record, but I have respect for Cafe Luwak down in Depot Town (and it is nice to have two quality coffee shops within a short bike ride).

To celebrate the birthday of The Mayor of Depot Town, Cafe Luwak had a party and had on hand it's namesake beverage, Kopi Luwak (or Civet Coffee), which are coffee berries that are eaten by the Civet, which digests most of the berries but passes the bean, er, out the other end.

Cat poop coffee, in other words.

The beans are washed and typically are given a light roast. Since such a limited amount of the beans are available each year (on the order of 1000 kilograms) the coffee commands a high price. Cafe Luwak was selling 4 ounce cups for $2.50, which seemed reasonable.

I had two cups, and wrote up some notes afterwards: it had a very mellow taste (which makes sense because of the light roast), and had a very smooth mouth feel. Very subtle flavor, and you must drink it hot — the flavor does not come through when it cools. The very first sip I took gave me a very distinct caramelized sugar aftertaste, and once, just once, very briefly, I got a very powerful taste of something distinct, that seriously reminded me of something I haven't eaten in a long time, but the sensation was so brief I couldn't place the taste, and never could repeat it, even with the second cup. But, the impression of a memory was very powerful.