One of my co-workers is a member of the Dorsai Irregulars, an organization that provides various services to sci-fi, fantasy and related conventions (things like organizational help, security, etc.) He and another co-worker were at Fur Fright, where they came across a gentleman that reminded them of someone they new. Photo composition follows.

Astute readers will recognize the photo on the left as one of me, in full getup after the Institute for Advanced Perpendicular Logic Studies investiture of Dr. David Maxwell of Drake University as an Associate of Perpendicular Logic, circa 1999 if I am dredging up memories properly. The gentleman on the left was walking through the hotel dressed like that (yes, Sgt. Steve maintains, he even just had the fez on). I'm told that the gentleman was stopped, shown the picture on the left, found the similarity striking, and agreed to pose for a similar picture.

The world, it is an interesting place.