Haiku a Day

As many of you know, from July 2005 - September 2013 I made a zine called Haiku a Day. After 99 issues I stopped, wanting to stop while I was still going strong. Creatively, it's the second longest thing I've done in my life, and every month sending out the latest issue still gave me as much of a thrill as it did the first time I did it. It still tickles me that there are people out there who know me simply as "The Haiku Guy".

In honor of the 99 issues, I did two things. First, I created a special issue, Haiku a Day - Opus, containing my favorite haiku from each month. Only 99 issues were printed, and once they are gone, they're gone.

Second, I've released the entire series, including my raw material for making the zines, under a Creative Commons license.

Information on getting a copy of Opus, or downloading the archive, can be found here