Happiness is Organized Zines

For several years my zine collection has lived in a couple of cardboard document boxes. Initially just piled in, I took some effort a while back to sort everything alphabetically by title, stacked haphazardly in a couple of the boxes set on end.

This was unwieldy, and also made it hard for me to easily sort new stuff in. I finally got aggrivated enough by this process to buy a few plastic file bins and a box of two inch expanding file jackets, and today I got enough gumption to sort things out.

Each file jacket holds some number of titles. Some zines, where I have several issues, have their own file jacket. Others are grouped together. The tab at the top of the jacket is an ideal place to pencil in what zines are in that jacket.

Those all neatly fit into the file boxes, which stack nicely on my bookshelves.

Now we'll see how long they stay this neat....