Index of Pictures

  The bike path from the EMU Stadium to campus, looking West Looking East I couldn't see well, so this isn't lined up nicely, but on the left side is the Peninsular Paper Company Sign along the Huron River, near the intersection of Leforge Rd and N. Huron St. University Park, Eastern Michigan University The pond, EMU campus. Never trust water the color of antifreeze  

  The Lake House, EMU campus Ypsilanti Depot, now home to the Farmers Market Frog Island Park The Tridge  

  The Huron River at the south end of Riverside Park, Ypsilanti Michigan Ave Bridge, Riverside Park  

  Looking down at Riverside Park from the pavillion at Riverside Arts Center Riverside Arts Center  

  Huron River looking north, in the distance the Tridge and the Cross Street Bridge A beaver collecting grass --- I was about 10 seconds too late for a good shot, and he never came back Frog Island  

  Views along the Tridge A nicer view of Frog Island  

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