2007-08 Random Pictures

  A couple weeks ago I was bored and walked around to kill time before a show at the Elbow Room. I ended up near Prospect Park. 4 August 2007 A lovely tree in Prospect Park Just in case Ann Arbor decides to invade  

  On the side of a house Looking south on N. River, a train passing through Depot Town  

  Ypsilanti freight depot  

  A train car restored and located near the depot The bridge from Frog Island Park across the river to Cross Street Frog Island Park Ampitheatre  

  Another stensil in Riverside Park Various pictures of the Materials Unlimited building, on Michigan near the south end of Riverside Park  

  We're in Ypsilanti. This is the Ypsilanti Bank ... of Ann Arbor. On N. Washington, I believe, a neat little garden. The show at the Elbow Room. Wally Dogger, pretty kick ass.  


  Someone from another band (I believe the Minor Planets) joined for a song  

  I don't remember who these people are. They pissed me off. It's like we were interrupting their smoke break to have them play The Minor Planets. Pretty good.  

  More random walking around, on the 11th. Stensil, near Emmet, Washtenaw and Normal Stuff in an alley between two stores on Cross Street, in the 200 block  


  Bob on a stop sign at N. Hamilton and Washtenaw  

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