Ann Arbor Cranksgiving, 2007

  Early arrivers at the start of the race  


  Bikes down for the start of the race  

  Andy going over the rules  



  Georgina is yelling at me right here, telling me to get on my bike  

  Mmm, fire  

  The Food Gatherers van, waiting to pick up stuff The race afterparty at the fire ring in Bandemere Park  



  Announcing prizes  

  On the ride back, I tried snapping some pictures of Ann Arbor as it appears over the Huron River just south of Argo Pond  

  The Croque Monsieur is basically a single speed now, because I futzed with the spring in the shifter and removed all its springiness. It's amazing what you can do with aluminum foil and velcro.  

created with igal