The Ann Arbor Race, 5 May 2007

  Looking west along the Huron River under the new Dixboro Bridge The dam at the new Dixboro Bridge Looking back at Highway 23  

  Gallop Park Near Nichols Arboretum, bridge to Mitchell Field  

  The Norfolk Southern Railroad bends off here The Norfolk Southern below at the Glen Avenue bridge. The left side of the picture is Depot Street At the Diag, people showing up for the race  

  UMich Law School commencement, Hill Auditorium I'd make a snarky comment here about the general shoddyness of American rental academic gowns, but why bother?  

  This Marathon saved my life, because I was a moron and forgot my water bottle Miller and Maple. Note for fat guys: it's all uphill from the Diag.  


  The after-race BBQ. Track stands  

  The Marmite jersey guy is out Down to one hand No hands  

  The last person standing Going backwards (or, at least, trying to)  

See this for race background

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