Ypsilanti Bicycling Coalition 2008 Festival

  Setup for the 9 AM long ride Long ride leaving Recreation Park  


  I'm pretty happy with how well my slapped together banner turned out Emily (I believe) made a totally awesmoe display for the Bike Ypsi buttons Getting ready for the middle ride  


  One of the middle ride groups leaving  




  People milling about before the Community Ride  

  The start of the community ride  



  Community riders returning  



  Lining up for the group picture Natalie and Mayor Paul Schreiber  

  Our amazing selection of donated food Ad hoc bike parking  

  Bike Polo demonstration  


  The little kid in the front of the picture is one hell of a polo player  

  Emily couldn't resist dragging out tricycle to play polo  


  We rigged Terry's bike to the Growing Hope tricycle  

  Riding Ypsistyle  


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