March Ides, 2008

  Old Ypsilanti High School I don't know if this was accidential or not, but I'm happy the clock is telling the proper time Depot Town over the Cross Street Bridge and the Tridge  

  The Huron River near Frog Island Looking north along the Huron A bit of decayed wood on the Tridge  

  The dying remnants of Winter on the Tridge Frog Island The east bank of the Huron, just south of the Cross Street Bridge  


  A sign on the retaining wall near the stairs leading up from the Tridge on the southeast side of the Cross Street Bridge Looking southwest into Riverside Park from the stairs  

  From the boat landing, the Tridge and Cross Street Bridge Frog Island Boat Landing  


  Bolts on the boat landing  

  Under the boat landing  



  I attempted to get a photo of a tiny tree cone bobbing in the river, but it didn't come out very well.  


  This is about the extent of my tree climbing  

  Inside a rotten tree stump  

  Spring Is For Lovers The stairs up to the Riverside Arts Building  

  Squirrel in a downed tree  




  A sticker I liked, stuck on the side of the Cross Street Bridge Finally, a picture of these two plaques not covered by tree branches in full bloom  

  In the Ypsilanti Historical Society a Tiffany stained glass window that was originally in the Starkweather Library (now the Ladies Library)  

created with igal