April 2009 Chicago trip / Home


  Chinatown, Chicago Back of the Civic Opera Building  

  Did I mention how much I love the word  

  Fans of a certain movie should recognize this spot  

  Lunch on Monday with Lou, Anna and Jeremy I hate the Doom Monkey  

  Outside the Chicago History Museum  

  Casa del Julouily Who says the British don't have good food? Lou, Sam and Rick, wandering about on Tuesday  

  Museum of Contemporary Art, wonderful Bucky Fuller exhibit  

  My old enemy. If he wasn't dead, I'd punch him in the taco More Doom Monkey. I hate Doom Monkey.  

  Stupid macro mode not working  

  Chicago Union Station  

  Intelligentsia Coffee. No free wireless. Feh. Ah, Yoshi's. We meet again. I'm surprised I made it out alive.  

  Hanging out in Millenium Park  



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