Taco Tour Two: 26 September 2009 | home

  Taco Tour Two: Starting at Recreation Park  

  East on Congress Our group's first stop: Dos Hermanos on Michigan Avenue  

  Beans, good pico di gallo, spicy  

  Chris approves of Andrea's taco technique East on Forest Twin Towers to Holmes Second stop: Los Amigos on East Michigan  

  Beans, very tasty cheese  

  West on Cross, near the ruins of the Thompson Building in Depot Town The Cross Street Bridge  

  Cutting through a parking lot on our way to La Casita  

  Third stop: La Casita Nice veggies and potato. The totillas were a bit meh though.  

  Damn skippy Forth stop: Taqueria La Fiesta  

  This was just ... okay Packard and Golfside Fifth stop: Zorros Cactus. Spicy.  

  Border to Border trail just north of EMU's Stadium/Soccer Fields  

  Sixth stop: La Fiesta Mexicana  

  My favorite: the potato taco Trey modelling the bike rack outside of Corner Brewery  

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