2009 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop and visit to San Francisco | home

  Old Union Clubhouse, Stanford University  

  View out of my room at the Stanford Guesthouse Reception and BBQ the first night  

  Note permit expiration date  

  It's an old word for nightclub Some idiot speaking  





  My favorite local drug dealers Live debugging session  

  On the way to the Computer History Museum  

  Babbage Engine reconstruction  


















  I just got rid of one of these last year....  



  Why don't computers look like this any more?  











  Dinner at the Computer History Museum  

  Prototype Palm Pilot  



  Simon is supposed to get me a copy of this graphic I would so buy a t-shirt with this on it  

  Prius going in reverse camera Mmm, breakfust Superfluous comma foul  

  No wonder this damn state is always catching on fire Wunderlich Park  
















  Geocache with a  

  Look carefully for the deer  


  On the road to San Francisco  







  Golden Gate Bridge  


  Ironworkers Local 377  









  To give you an idea of the size of the cables --- my hand isn't completely closed  







  Looking up the tower  





  The world needs more doors like this  



  Restaurant where I ate that night.  

  The best Vietnamese spring rolls I've ever had HI San Francisco City Center It's true.  

  View out the window  

  My room  

  San Francisco City Hall  





  Cool bike ramp on the stairs at the UN Plaza Bart Station  

  Mission Dolores Park  


  Damn fine coffee  


  Goteblud and their damn fine vintage zines  






  Dinner in Palo Alto that night  

  Mural above UN Plaza, visible from City Hall  

  949 Market Breakfast at Blue Bottle Coffee  

  Grant and California, where Norton I died  


  St. Mary's, at Grant and California  


  Bike boulevard in Berkeley  


  Berkeley Bowl  

  Long Haul Infoshop and their massive zine archive  















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