Summer 2010 Shadow Art Fair - 10 July 2010 | home

  Setting up at the Corner Brewery Alas, I did not get to sample the cupcakes (or the fortunes), but I'm told they were pretty good  

  Spider! Tim and Andrea Work of the Ypsi Fiber Liberation Front  

  Bike Ypsi table  

  Butt Balm Bike coloring book  

  Look for it in the future Elvisfest was the same day. The King showed up to greet folks  




  Look carefully, and you'll see the Detroit Party Marching Band  


  After sitting across from the Modati folks all day long, I needed to get something screenprinted T-shirt I got, with some nifty unintentional color effects  

  The Man of a Thousand Names  


  One of the entries in the Spur Studios Art Race  

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