2010 Cranksgiving in June, 26 June 2010 | Results | home

  Getting ready in Recreation Park Pre-race strategizing Impromptu crank repair Jim and Forest K. taking off  

  Sandy B. and Matt K. taking off Andy H. taking off Luke R. taking off Sandy making one of his many return trips  

  Matt K and an EMU student doing a story about the race Andy H. unloading his haul Luke and his ad-hoc handlebar bag Tom L. returns  

  Another load from Sandy Jim and Forest return Unlimited Poundage Award: Sandy Bledsoe, 330 lbs  

  Shopping List Award: Andy Hromadka, 1.3lbs/minute People's Choice Award: Luke Robinson Luke claiming the BailyWorks bag Tom claming the Taste Our Goods gift certificate Forest claiming the Outlier hat  

  Sandy claiming the Outlier shirt The Food Gatherers Truck, 596 lbs heavier The official unofficial after-race debriefing at Corner Brewery  

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