Elbow Deep 18: Helbow Deep - 23 October 2010 | home

  Elbow Deep 18: Helbow Deep  

  This is what is left of the last person who didn't tip the drag queens. No Fun Records, sponsor of the costume contest  

  DJ Human Fly trying to explain modern digital cameras to Push Pull  

  I just liked that sticker  


  Contest judges --- I don't remember the one on the left, but the one on the right is from No Fun Records  

  Maxi Chanel  


  Jennifer 'Holiday' Chanel  

  Yes, you can bedazzle the Colonal  



  We did, in fact, party like it was 1999  



  DKR's A-Train  


  Seriously, if that fog machine disappeared, I would not be sad  



  Judging Time  

  Pre-guillotine Marie Antoinette Some cave dude Witch!  

  Pre-bleaching Lindsey Lohan Wednesday Jawa Forgot Mother Nature  

  Beats me Doc Holliday Captain Jack Sparrow Lady Gaga 18th Century Ghost  

  Amy Winehouse Lady Gaga-ish Raggedy Ann Prince Don't remember  

  Not even going to touch this one Dead bride or something like that  

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