June 2010 Iowa Trip, Part 1: Des Moines | home

  Beth and Gabi - 11 June 2010 Mike, Ethan and Beth Megan and Keira  

  Bubblepalooza! David and Jess wedding - 12 June 2010  




  Ad-hoc in-situ strawberry daquiri construction with Alex and Chris  

  Breakfast with Vibs and Karl - 13 June 2010 Wifvat Plaza, Drake University Painted Street  

  Cowles Library Morehouse Hall, Second Floor 2. Long Live The Glorious 1998-1999 Year. Hubbell Field  

  Quad Creek  

  Herriott Hall. Long Live Room 3.14  

  Harvey Ingham  

  Alas, the bridge no longer has the crack we put in it Medbury Hall and Scott Chapel Old Main  

  Howard Hall  

  Dial Center Looking east down Locust Ave towards the Iowa Capital  

  Looking west down the Capital Plaza  


  This cannon is in case Nebraska gets upity This one is in case the insurance companies get upity  

  Top of the Civil War Monument Apparently, the Iowa State Treasurer drives a hooptymobile  

  From the Teats of Mother Iowa flow naught but Freedom. Also, Pork Chops.  

  You don't want to know what flows from the teats of Father Iowa. Senator Allison monument  

  Casa Bella Adult Motel. Famed in Song and Story.  

  This sign still freaks the hell out of me. Zzz Records Dan and Yuri  

  Noriko and Yuri Scooby Snack! Java Joes  

  Polk County Courthouse Still one of my favorite signs The top of the Principal Building, lost in the fog  


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