June 2010 Iowa Trip, Part 2: Ames | home

  The 415 Bridge across Saylorville Lake  

  No trip to Ames would be complete without a stop here Lunch with jakllsch It always saddened me that a place with this cool of a name was simply a laundry  

  Ames Municipal Power Plant Just to make everyone back in the Greater Ypsilanti Metro Area jealous of parking rates Mayhem Comics Ice Cream Cappuccino at Stomping Grounds The playhouse at Nick and Caitlin's  

  Nick assembles a Dobsonian telescope While Caitlin photographs  


  The Moon and Venus  


  I think this should be an album cover  

  Whiteboard in Tracy's office Solution Center Lounge Relics left in Ames: A can of Mr Green The Fine Adjustment Tool Lunch at Hickory Park: Alan, Tracy and Jason  

  Frank Cory and Amy ISU Water Tower: first steel water tower west of the Mississippi Durham Center Parks Library  

  Beardshear Hall Curtiss Hall Campanile  

  Memorial Union Four Seasons Fountain  


  Gold Star Hall, Memorial Union President Welch throwing potatoes  


  The M-Shop. I saw an awful lot of shows there Loch Laverne  

  College Creek, where it is entunneled near Lake Laverne  

  Campanile peeking over the trees, looking from Lake Laverne  


  Lancelot and Elaine  


  Fighting Burrito This is what Nick gave me when I asked for an Eric A bike ride with Nick and Eric turns into a salvage mission  


  Ad-hoc repair along Stange The pedestrian tunnel under the CANW RR  

  Adams Observatory, north of Ames  


  Veggie Super Dog I waited three years for this. It was so worth it.  

  Last of my checklist, Chinese Homestyle Cooking  

  And really, could I pass up an opportunity to stop at Surplus? On my way back, crossing the Mississippi, I-80 in the Quad Cities Michigan! Trip total milage: 1496.4 miles. Plus probably a gallon of coffee and two pounds of trail mix.  

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