Anna-Jeremy Wedding - 10 October 2010 | home

  Some weird aloe drink Lou was foisting on people. Not bad, actually. The various faces of Lily Julie, Lily and Ella  

  Ordering approximately .5 assloads of Chinese food Mr. Pope  

  It's best not to ask Breakfast the next morning just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen Lunch somewhere on the Pier  

  I feel the same way, Sophia  

  Rehersal and setup at Dream Theatre  


  Dinner that night and Casa Jiloulie Spoka  

  Sadly, the batteries probably didn't last until they opened the box  

  Opening night  





  Jaon and Chris  


  After wedding Q&A  















  The next day, wandering about Chicago  

  Hehehe, The Chicago Death Cloud  


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