1 February 2011 Blizzard | home

  Perrin Street Perrin and Washtenaw Perrin and West Cross, looking at Pease Auditorium at EMU  

  Looking east down West Cross, between Perrin and Ballard Statue of Mary at West Cross and Hamilton, across from St. John the Baptist Church  

  Ugly Mug  

  At West Cross and Hamilton, looking west up Cross Looking the other direction  

  West Cross at North Huron, looking west, just up from the Cross Street Bridge. That bus had a hard time making it up the hill Cross Street Bridge, looking south at Riverside Park  

  The southeast steps to the Tridge  

  Looking south along the Huron, on the Tridge Looking north along the Huron, on the Tridge  


  South end of Frog Island Park, looking north  

  Footbridge between Frog Island Park and East Cross Street Cross Street Bridge, from the footbridge Looking back at Frog Island Park from the footbridge  

  Steps up to Cross Street Looking east down East Cross Street at Depot Town  

  Back west up the Cross Street Bridge Plaque at the First City Hall Building  


  Three snowplows going from North Huron to West Cross. They almost took out a car....  

  Crossing sign along West Cross Street  

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