The 258th Commencement of Columbia University in the City of New York - 16 May 2012 | home

  The day before University Commencement  

  This was nowhere near enough chairs  


  Hacking my mortarboard  

  Commencement Day  

  The 116th and Broadway Gate  

  There's blue sky!  

  Marshall's Breakfast  


  The B.S. stands for Bachelor of *Snazzy*  






  Nicholas B. Dirks, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences  

  Jewelnel Davis, University Chaplain  


  President Lee C. Bollinger  



  Honorary Degrees Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile Amy Gutman, President of the University of Pennsylvania  

  Gloria Steinem  

  At this point, I believe the sunburn started kicking in Just guess their degree  







  The 116th Street 1 Station  


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