May Day 2012, Union Square and parade down Broadway | home

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  14th Street and 5th Avenue Union Square along 14th Street  


  The north side of Union Square. It got more full as the day went on.  

  Abraham Lincoln looks upon you  




  There were two NYPC helicopters overhead pretty much the entire time.  

  I believe General Washington is pointing at the DSW ---  




  Looking down Broadway  


  These folks were awesome. And not just because they played polkas.  


  Looking up Broadway at Union Square, about a half-hour before any parade action started  





  The parade finally getting under way  


  At East 10th and Broadway, looking back past Grace Church  


  Grand and Broadway, looking north. Grace Church in the distance is 10th Street.  

  Washington Place and Broadway  

  Waverly Place and Broadway I start walking back north  

  When I joined the parade, it stretched from at least Beecker to 10th Street  

  I love these folks. Parade rule of thumb: march next to a band At E. 4th Street  

  I'm standing between E. 4th and Washington and Broadway. That cluster of red lights near the start of the parade is about Canal Street. Canal, looking south  

  Canal, looking north Sadly, this is where my camera batteries died.  

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