Inwood Winter — 21 January 2012 | home

  Outside my apartment  

  The Dyckman/Riverside/Seaman triangle The southern edge of Inwood Hills Park  

  The spring in Inwood Hills Park next to Dyckman  


  Some ... thing ... between the Henry Hudson and the Amtrak rail line George Washington Bridge  

  Hudson River looking north, Palisades Park on the opposite bank The Cloisters poking up over Fort Tryon Park  

  Pedestrian overpass over the Amtrak line  


  Walking under the southbound lane of the Henry Hudson  


  If the Rustbelt ever had a ribbon, this would be it  

  The northbound lane of the Henry Hudson  


  Views of Marble Hill over Inwood Hills Park  

  The Columbia "C"  

  Indian Road, with the Columbia Stadium behind it The giant ravine I have to climb down. Looks much tamer in this picture than it was  





  Shorakkopoch Rock The Harlem River tidal estuary  


  Boozy hot chocolate. Exactly what I needed at that point.  

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