Spring in Inwood - 19 March 2012 | home

  From an expedition last week, an elevation marker on the resevoir in Central Park Croton Aqueduct cover Anne Loftus Playground, Inwood, Manhattan  

  The head of the Hudson River Greenway  

  Entrance to Fort Tryon Park  

  I had no idea this existed, some weird structure near the southern end of Fort Tryon Park  

  Also had no idea this existed, a terrace along the Greenway  

  The George Washington Bridge from the terrace  

  I want to live here  

  I'm constantly amazed at how much of this city looks like a fortress  






  The Little Red Lighthouse  

  Lower Manhattan, and New Jersey  

  The structure in the foreground, along the river, is Riverbank State Park  

  This sign said to 165th Street. Then took me along the worst route possible. Some corner of the vast New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center  

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