Walking Broadway down the Island of Manhattan - 13 April 2012 | home

  Getting on the Bx7 to head to Marble Hill 225th and Broadway in Marble Hill. What you see there is the Broadway Bridge Crossing the Broadway Bridge over the Harlem River 09:33, my first step on the Island of Manhattan The Broadway Bridge is a lift bridge. I've only heard of it going up once in the few months I've been subscribed to MTA e-mail alerts.  

  9th Avenue and Broadway. Which is north of 10th Avenue and Broadway. The ends of the island are weird. Twin Donut. I stopped here for fuel. The 215th Street Stairs to Park Terrace East The north end of Isham Park  

  Church of the Good Sheppard, Isham Street and Broadway I took a picture of this because I'm excited a coffee shop is opening in my neighborhood. I hope it's good The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum  

  Looking down Broadway at Fort Tryon Park, between 204th and Academy Dyckman and Broadway The north end of Fort Tryon Park  

  Vent and emergency exit for the IND Eight-Avenue Line At the intersection of Sherman and Broadway. It looks too small to have been a Packard factory, I wonder if it used to be a showroom At 196th and Broadway I took a pic of this simply for the  

  Looking north, back down the hill This building just looked like it used to look really awesome I'm guessing theater  

  The George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal, 181st and Broadway 175th and Broadway. Looks like it used to be a theater as well  

  And an awesome one, at that Riedland Square, 170th and Broadway Why don't buildings these days have cool stuff like that?  

  New York-Presbyterian Hospital: 162nd and Broadway Firetrucks! Boruca College, 156th and Broadway  

  In the former American Geographical Society building Audubon Plaza Trinity Church Cemetary and Mausoleum  

  Broadway Malls, 141st and Broadway Looking north  

  Looking south In my dreams, I see this face right before I am killed Montefiore Park, 137th and Broadway  

  It's a trailer, hauling more trailers! 135th and Broadway, now a storage place. From the image in the stone there, I wonder if it used to be a television studio The Manhattan Valley Viaduct near 125th Street, with the IRT Seveth-Avenue Line  

  122nd and Broadway, Union Theological Seminary  

  Door above Teacher's College, between 121st and 120th and Broadway The north end of Barnard College, 120th and Broadway I never noticed the stuff on the top of this tower at Barnard before Marker for the Battle of Harlem Heights, 16 September 1776. 117th and Broadway Columbia University, 116th and Broadway  

  Looking south down the mall at 116th Looking north Falafel Friday. Stopped at Amir's for lunch, 114th and Broadway Duke Ellington Blvd/106th and Broadway  

  Double-digit streets  

  96th Street Station 91st and Broadway 85th and Broadway. I took a picture simply so I could remember to check it out 82nd and Broadway  

  Another thing I took a picture of just to remember it I shop at that Fairway quite often, and I've never noticed just how cool the building south of it is 74th and Broadway 72nd Street Station, Verdi Square  

  Giuseppi Verdi Lincoln Square, 65th and Broadway Part of Lincoln Center  

  Looking south, with Columbus Circle just peeking out Fountain in Lincoln Plaza. Look behind the movie theater Columbus Circle Trump Tower  

  The southwest corner of Central Park. I've never noticed that this is a monument to the Maine. Broadway just south of Columbus Circle Theater District at 50th and Broadway, looking north  

  Looking south. When something's on Broadway, here's where it's on. 47th and Broadway, the north end of Time's Square. I hate walking through here, so no more pictures until... Harold Square, 34th and Broadway Looking south at Greeley Square  

  Worth Square, 25th and Broadway The Flatiron Building I bought a bottle of water from these guys simply because they were playing a Television album  

  Madison Square Flatiron again William Seward in Madison Square Looking south from the south end of Madison Square, 23rd and Broadway  

  North end of Union Square, 17th and Broadway General Lafayette Looking south from the south end of Union Square  

  14th and Broadway. Below here, things get weird again I've managed to only go there once. I'm not sure how. Grace Church  

  10th and Broadway Bleeker and Broadway Grand and Broadway Looking south at Tribeca, Canal and Broadway Thomas and Broadway  

  At Warren and Broadway. I didn't have the nerve to flip it. City Hall. I flipped it off on principle. The Fulton Street Transit Station, still under construction Liberty Plaza  

  Looking north at Liberty and Broadway Looking south 100 Broadway. Getting close now. Trinity Church Wall Street and Broadway  

  Morris and Broadway. Just left of center is Bowling Green, with the Wall Street Bull in front of it Either this is a popular hangout, or it takes seven cops to guard the bull Bowling Green Number One Broadway, and the end Resting at Battery Park, with the Statue of Liberty in the distance  

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