Visiting Syracuse - 8-10 August, 2012 | Home

  Salmon River Falls, near Syracuse, NY  



  Jason came prepared. Very prepared. That's an entire binder of info.  

  Looking up dinner options Just north of the hotel, the New York Central Railroad Passenger and Freight Station. Now, sadly a Time Warner building I love the details on old buildings Finally made it to a Wegmans  

  Is this really the best name for something pizza flavored? The chaotic neutral elevator in the hotel I have no idea why I took a picture of this, other than I can't remember the last time I saw a microwave tower in the middle of a city Some old building I liked  

  Clinton Square  

  The Erie Canal used to run right through here, until it was filled in and the square built in 1925  

  Just liked the design Details of the Civil War monument in Clinton Square  

  Clinton Exchange --- former post office and federal building Lunch at Empire Brewing  

  Walking along the Creekwalk, along Onondaga Creek The Niagara Mohawk Power building Seriously, why don't they build buildings like this anymore?  

  Syracuse Fire Department Engine 12  


  A bit overengineered, I think, but I approve  


  Inner Harbor  

  Details in a wall near the harbor. I thought it was a nice touch  

  Freedom of Espresso for some lemonade I think Jason was on Grindr at this point.... Franklin Square Park  

  More park  

  Seriously, every time I see a statue of him, I think Franklin was a major pimp in his days Back at Clinton Square Some random building, a detail I liked  

  Ready for dinner that night Ilario's Trattoria Armory Square  

  Columbus Circle Onondaga County Courthouse  

  I *love* this sign Elevator control panel in the hotel  

  Falafel Friday! Amtrak back home, since Delta canceled my flight  


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