Roosevelt Island - 17 September 2012 | home

  Roosevelt Island Tram, Manhattan Terminal From the tram tower, looking east down the Queensboro Bridge  

  Looking west down East 59th Street  

  South down Second Avenue East Branch of the East River, looking south  


  Taken from the west side of the island, looking northish Under the Queensboro Bridge Looking southish  

  The UN in the center  

  Some sort of iron columns in a park Not sure what this is, but they're renovating it  

  The Strecker Memorial Laboratory, once a pathology lab for one of the hospitals, now houses transformers for the New York City Subway  

  Now looking east, towards Queens  

  Looking south down the west branch of the East River, the bridge in the distance is the Manhattan Bridge, with the Brooklyn Bridge hiding behind it Looking back at Manhattan, I just loved this wall of buildings  

  The east half of the Queensboro Bridge. The red and white smokestacks in the back are the Ravenswood Gerating Plant  


  The Ravenwood Generating Plant, home of Big Allis  

  The Roosevelt Island Bridge  

  There were four or five pipes running out of the ground and into the river, with this sign over them I just loved the design of this apartment building  

  Roosevelt Island Bridge again, in the distance RFK Bridge  

  Old tram cars I was sorely tempted to take advantage of that gap  


  Probably some fancy condo, I love the design Lighthouse Park  

  Looking north from the end of the island Looking south down the west branch of the East River  

  Part of this greenway along the west edge of the island had an old ship prow sticking out into the water Some sculptures in the river, done by the same guy who did the stuff in the 8th Avenue Line 14th Street Station  


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