Subway Shuffle - 9 February 2013 | home

Bored one night, I got on the Downtown A train at Dyckman and let dice rolls decide where I went.

  Downtown 1 at 168th Street Downtown 3 at 96th Street Back on the Downtown 1 at 72nd Street  

  Still on the Downtown 1 Downtown N at Times Square  

  Uptown Q at Union Square Downtown D at Harold Square Humorous misspellings at Harold Square  

  Uptown E at West 4th Street I didn't know about Leroy Street Building a new Emergency Vent Plant at Perry and 7th Avenue  

  Looking up 7th Avenue at 12th Street  

  I always feel like they tried to put this building together, and failed to line it up properly Lucky shots  


  For some reason, I felt compelled to stop And yes, the NYC Department of Cliches provided an NYPD cruiser outside of the doughnut shop  

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