Spring Conference of the Burgon Society in New York City - 19 April 2013 | home

  Opening remarks by the organizer, Stephen Wolgast The Emergence and Development of Academic Dress at Princeton, Dr. Donald Drakeman Presentation of Fellowship Hoods to Dr. Donald Drakeman and David Boven  

  Dr. Drakeman David Boven From left to right, Peter Durant, Dr. Donald Drakeman, Dr. James Thomson, David Boven, Stephen Wolgast Reading of a letter from the Chairman of the Burgon Society, Colin Fleming  

  Remarks by the President of the Burgon Society Academic Dress at Columbia, Stephen Wolgast Visiting Low Memorial Library, Columbia University in the City of New York Examining a portrait of Seth Low, President of Columbia 1890 - 1901  

  Examining a portrait of Michael Sovern, President of Columbia 1980 - 1993 Examing a portait of Dwight Eisenhower, who, among many other things, was President of Columbia 1948 - 1953 Examining a portrait of Frederick A. P. Barnard, President of Columbia 1864 - 1888 The Trustee's Room, Low Memorial Library Trustee's Gowns  

  The University Mace Bearer's gown A Collegiate Cap and Gown Columbia Robe, with the crowns on small patches attached to the gown An example of a gown with the crowns on tabs attached only to the bottom of the yoke Illustrating the different sizes of crowns embroidered into Columbia doctoral gowns  


  Stephen Wolgast demonstraiting the wrong way of wearing the notorious Columbia Examining yoke differences in three different gowns. Here, three lines, braid attached, from Oak Hall  

  Here, two triangular flaps, braid attached, Collegiate Cap and Gown Another Oak Hall, but the velvet nearly covers the top line Another Columbia crown, light blue on small circular patch, Collegiate Cap and Gown  

  Emergency sewing supplies Detail of the crown on a tab Detail of the shield hood  

  Jocelyn Wilk, Public Services Archivist in the Columbia Rare Book and Manuscript Library, showing some items from the Columbia Archives Various crowns embroidered in material by Cotrell and Leonard, demonstrating the need for placing the crown on a more substantial material and not embroidering them directly into the gowns Various hoods of Seth Low  


  A potential design for a Columbia Trustee's gown, never executed Two bands around the bottom of the sleeve, with a design of lions and crowns (symbols of Columbia) in between Faculty Color samples from Cotrell and Leonard  



  A letter from Leopold Arnaud, Dean of the School of Architecture, to Professor Albert Jacobs, Provost of the University Detail of the aiguillettes worn by Marshals at convocation, although no Marshal I've witnessed actually wears the thing around the arm, they just pin it on their shoulder and let it hang on the outside of the upper arm  

  Examining a portrait of Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia 1901 - 1945. Located in Butler Library. A mural by Griffith Baily Coale, of a visit by George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Columbia in 1939  

  Variations from the Intercollegiate Code, David Boven On Making a Square Cap by Hand, the Rev. Kenneth Crawford  

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