Work trip to Birchbox London, March 2015 | home

  That is the largest Tug I've ever seen  

  The Cross Bay Bridge, I believe  

  The old Floyd Bennet Field  

  The Rockaways, Floyd Bennet Field and the Marine Parkway Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge  

  On the far left, Coney Island and the Brooklyn end of the Verizano Narrows Bridge  



  The first time I've seen the end of Long Island The vegetarian meal selection, breakfast snack edition  

  Officially, arguably, the first time I've left North America  

  Various shots of the Atlantic Ocean  


  Vegetarian Meal Option  

  If you look closely below the clouds, you can see Ireland  



  I always feel compelled to document my hotel room  

  I was amused that they had an American 110V outlet.  

  Dinner, British style There was some strange mechanistry afoot above my hotel room  

  Ede and Ravenscroft, since 1689  

  Lunch with a co-worker, some sort of vegetarian pie with mash and mushy peas They may have their shortcomings, but the British beat us in potato chip flavors, hands down Selfridges  

  Wandering through Soho  

  I found this just a short walk from my hotel  

  St. James Park  


  Buckingham Palace. Honestly, I thought it was going to be bigger  

  Canada Gate I don't think they let you leave unless you take a picture of one of these guys  

  I thought NYC taxi drivers were insane. London Transport bus drivers have them beat.  

  The grounds of the Greenwich Observatory  

  I rather think this is cheating That is a *mother fucker* of a climb Various views of London from Greenwich  

  Me, confused by my iPad's panorama mode  




  It took me 10 minutes of shuffling around to get this screen capture  


  The Time Ball  



  Varous microscopes for reading the angle of the telescope next door  















  Various length standards outside the observatory  



  Riding the Thames Clipper back  



  A water-spattered Tower Bridge  


  Tower of London  

  Westminster Palace  

  I had to eat a bit of breakfast here my last day in London  

  Pub lunch with Rick and Sam I believe that was a A small set of locks on some river I don't remember the name of. I wanted to get video of it opening, but my arms got tired.  

  Tea time Waiting for my departure at Heathrow  

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