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  Pelham Bay Park Bronx Victory Memorial The Hutchison River The Pelham Bridge  

  The Amtrak Hutchinson River Bridge, with Co-Op City in the background More of the Hutchison River  

  The Hutchison River from City Island Road. In the distance, on the left (next to the block of trees) you can see the Throgs Neck Bridge. Just right of center you can see the Bronx–Whitestone Bridge.  


  At the City Island Circle, the world's lonliest FDNY/NYPD Call Box Abandoned boats near Eastchester Bay off the City Island Bridge City Island Avenue Hawkins Park  

  Robots and Rayguns General Store Eastchester Bay from the tip of City Island. In the distance, the US Merchant Marine Academy Unknown URI scheme 'BoatMax' City Island Harbor and the South Minneford Yacht Club Docks viewed from Ambrosini Field  

  In the distance, Hart Island, the site of NYC's Potters Field  

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