Opening of Phase One of the Second Avenue Subway - 1 Jan 2017 | home
Video from the day

  Tail car in the consist of the first revenue train into the Second Avenue Subway Leaving from 57/7th  

  63rd and Lex  

  Peeking into the 72nd St Station Peeking into the 86th St Station 96th and Second Avenue, Second Avenue Subway  

  Station Mezzanine, and a lot of it  


  Outside fare control  




  86th Street Station ALL THE MEZZANINE  

  I don't know why, this feels very Transit for London to me  

  Escalators to intermediate level below street, then down to fare control/mezzanine  

  Nicest station agent booth I've seen There's wayfinding overhead, but none directly above the tracks  

  Concrete ties It already looks dirty  

  Never noticed this on an R160 before 72nd Street Station  

  Nice artwork here  


  Ventilation shaft Someone forgot to put all the plates on these, or maybe additional fixtures are coming  

  My favorite pic of the day  

  The air looked really dusty at the far end, and all the stations feel like they didn't have a chance to power wash them before turning them over 63rd/3rd Station with the F  


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