Mockups of the R211 Cars proposed for the 8th Avenue Line - 4 Dec 2016A | home

  Outside of one of the cars, showing the open gangway option From the inside, the open gangway will look much like that on articulated busses that NYCT runs Much wider doors and ADA access for wheelchairs means that end seat is a solo one. You can also see the double poles  

  Above door signs, more about those later Flip-up seats in the wheelchair area The time under each station stop is updated in real-time and reflects how long it will take to get there from your current position These maps are now digital, and interactive Red light strips for doors that are closed  

  Green for doors that are open/opening New livery on the outside The destination signs are going back to color. The staff on hand didn't know if those were going to be digital or roll signs, but I can't imagine using anything but digital at this point  

  Above door strip maps will change as you approach station stops; the right hand side tells you where you are within the consist and points towards exits, stairs, elevators and connections New lights  


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