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  My mother hates having her picture taken So I take it as often as I can  

  We're using this one at her wake  






  The Mississippi River at Bellevue, Iowa  

  Independence Day Party/Niece and Nephew Birthday Party  










  Those were some pretty fancy doughnuts  

  Someone stole my hat Then someone else stole my hat  


  Not pictured: me teaching the the advanced move of using your butt to launch those things  




  In some modes, my camera takes pictures if you touch the LCD display So this is my gut showing you how we fixed the rocket  


  My brother restored my sister-in-law's grandfather's 1946 Farmall tractor It doesn't get ridden much, so he brought it out so everyone could take it for a spin My sister-in-law's grandmother, almost 90, took it down the road and back  


  I had to show Bae how to drive a tractor  

  The day after, Mom and Bae and I went to the Amana Colonies  

  PICKLED HAM The woolen mill  

  I mean, Ernest Borgnine  

  The following day, exploring Czech Village, Cedar Rapids, Iowa  

  The pastry of my people  

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