Mohonk Mountain House — Memorial Day 2016C | home

  The view out the back balcony — you can't see them now but off in the distance are the Catskill Mountains  

  Memorial Day and beautiful weather  

  Morning Hike: just outside the East Porch  

  Mohonk Lake You can see the Mountain House just on the north tip of the lake  

  Panning from the northern tip of the lake  

  Several of these are built along the path next to the lake  

  Right about the 5 oclock position of the lake  

  The Sky Tower several hundred feet above  

  Mohonk Spring — formerly the source of drinking water for the hotel  



  Looking out at the Preserve  

  Walking back along the west side of the lake  

  Some nice riverstone cobble aggregate, this area used to be a river. Much much earlier, it was the basin of a shallow sea, and there were some great examples of sedimentary rock used throughout the property  

  The west, or mountain side Afternoon walk — attempting to make it to the Sky Tower  

  About two-thirds of the way up we reached what we called 'Point Nope' Instead, we ate lunch at this little outcropping  


  Sunset and early twilight from our balcony  


  Perfect day to stay inside and go to the spa  


  I am incredibly jealous of this staircase  

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