2008 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop, NJIT

  The 2008 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop Jeff Altman, Secure Endpoints NJIT Provost Dr. Priscilla P. Nelson  

  Heimdal Update via Video Conference  

  NJIT's patented Earth Hater disposable coffee mug OpenAFS Status, Russ Allbery (Stanford), Derrick Brashear (Sine Nominae), Jeff Altman (Secure Endpoints) The new OpenAFS Logo  

  Newark Penn Station I was on the View out the hotel window, about the only thing recognizable is the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, just left of those three bright lights  


  Some idot pretending he knows what he is talking about  


  Troubleshooting panel: Russ Allbery (Stanford), Tracy Di Marco White (Iowa State), (don't remember), Alistair Ferguson, Casar Garcia (Morgan Stanley), Jeff Hutzelman (CMU School of Computer Science), Derrick Brashear (Sine Nominae), Jeff Altman (Secure Endpoints)  

  Thursday night shindig at Slate  

  Tracy took my camera at this point to photograph various NetBSD folks she had met up with Ty Sarna, Anders Magnusson  

  Columbus Circle Central Park near Columbus Circle Tracy, Jason and Ragge trying to find our way to the Apple Store Apple Store Manhattan  

  Mosaic in Newark Subway I did, in fact, Take the Elevator to the Mezzanine OpenAFS Foundation Discussion: Russ Allbery (Stanford), Harold Barth (KTH), Alistair Ferguson (Morgan Stanley), Derrick Brashear (Sine Nominae), Jeff Altman (Secure Endpoints) Closing remarks by NJIT CIO David F. Ullman  

  Grand Central Terminal  

  New York Public Library Humanities Branch (  


  Outside the Grand Central Terminal  

  Lackawanna RR Terminal, Hoboken (Now a PATH station)  

  Panorama of Hoboken and NYC from the pier  



  I could live on this pizza Sadly no longer in its former glory, the XXX  

  Fireworks for some reason from outside of my hotel room  


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