Birthday Walk through Ypsilanti, 2007

  Waiting for the bus outside the Ypsi-Arbor Bowl Yeah The Journey of Ten-Thousand Steps Starts with A Doughnut and Some Coffee The EMU sign at Oakwood and Washtenaw Statue where Washtenaw, Cross and Packard meet  

  Ypsilanti Water Tower Demtrius Ypsilanti statue I didn't notice this when taking the picture, but it looks like the statue has been edited  

  Time capsule before the statue of Ypsilanti If you look just above the center of the picture, you can see one of the three crosses workers building the tower placed in the stone. The other two are inside, I believe.  

  Sign on Welch Hall, EMU Survey marker on the north side of the water tower  

  What is this, Soviet Russia? Chapelle Elementary  

  Old light towers at a baseball field at West Warner St. ends at the park The path continues around the park, or you can go to Pleasant Drive Only in Ypsi will you find Normal and Congress together. Also, I think that guy in the window is enjoying a tasty beverage  

  A neat house on Congress St. Family's Fried Chicken, where Congress and Michigan meet at Ballard Across the street, the Washtenaw 100 Club Memorial Park  


  Graffiti on the traffic light box, S. Hamilton and Michigan The Michigan Ave. branch of the Ypsilanti District Library. I got my library card finally.  

  To the west of the library is a neat plaza. If I remember right, there's an identical copy of this in Depot Town. There are checkerboards in the tables. The red building you see on the right is Bombadil's Cafe I found out later that this is a statue of Harriet Tubman.  

  The Elbow Room. A great place to see bands --- $5 cover goes to the bands. What looked to be an abandoned store on South Washington at Ferris  

  At this point, it began to pour in Ypsilanti. I took shelter under the awning of a thrift shop. And then got enough courage to go down and across the street to the old store. The block of Ferris between S. Washington and S. Huron is 'Dr. John C. Shelton Blvd'. Dr. Shelton was a graduate of the UMich Medical School and had a practice on this part of Farris for 35 years. <> Water rushing in the street at City Hall, the corner of S. Huron and Michigan  

  Looking down the hill along Michigan. The Huron River goes under the bridge in the background of the picture Still at city hall, looking south along S. Huron Now east of city hall, down the hill looking back west along Michigan  

  Same place, just looking east The first settlement in Washtenaw County, except for all those other people living here before. Plaque on a building on N. Huron. Masonic cornerstone on the Riverside Arts Center  

  Plaza north of Riverside Arts Looking down at Riverside Park  

  The shelter where I sat for a half hour, waiting for the rain to stop  

  I think the shelter would be a kick-ass place for a band to play  

  I presume this is German for I don't know why I was infatuated with this storm sewer pipe  

  Huron River. In the distance, the Cross Street Bridge, and the Tridge Looking south along the Huron Back north  

  Left over from Elvisfest the previous weekend. I believe the King works the graveyard shift at Abe's.  

  Frog Island. Be on the lookout for a smeet frog  

  Below the Cross Street bridge Graffiti on the back of a war memorial, at the Cross Street bridge  

  This is blurry because I was trying to hold up a tree branch with one hand and hold the camera in the other Yeah.  

  Looking back at Riverside Park Anarchy in Ypsilanti, or something  


  I was trying to get a good picture of some of the neat details on the Michigan Firehouse Museum The Old Ypsilanti High School, Cross St. and N. Washington  

  Tower on the top of the old High School  


  Walking home a severe storm wandered through. These are all along Golfside.  


  The next night after getting off the bus I liked how the Ypsi-Arbor Bowl sign looked with the moon above it  

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