Index of Pictures

  Train arriving at the Ann Arbor depot A series of pictures taken through a dirty train window  


  Looking down 90/94 in Chicago Entering Chicago Union Station  

  Now on the Empire Builder, heading to Minneapolis/St. Paul  


  Crossing various rivers before crossing the Mississippi  


  Sarah, Mark, Jeremy and I heading to Duluth  

  Duluth Duluth lift bridge  



  Pictures of some weird unknown wooden structure that had washed up during a big winter storm  

  Jeremy trying to convince Kyle to become a hobo At the wedding site along Tischer Creek, Duluth  

  Kyle, his sister and parents Sam and Kyle  



  Sam and her parents  





  Captain of Industry The scene from Fitgers, lunch after the ceremony Jeremy's little black dress  

  Sarah These gentlemen play a mean Freebird  


  Mark and Sarah Jeremy harranging Kyle for dancing with someone else during their song  


  Jeremy's diatribe in the guest book  

  The fog horn  

  Duluth. These are all late at night, but with long exposure  

  Artsy: long exposure and rotating Reflections of the bridge in the canal  

  We were fortunate to be near the bridge when it lifted to allow the Philip R. Clarke to go through  




  The breakwater at Two Harbors Docks  



  Survey marker  

  Braving the waters of Lake Superior  

  This was bitterly cold  



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