2008 Loveless Alleycat

Because there's nothing more fun than biking in 20 degree F. weather, I headed over to help out with the Loveless Alleycat, put on by Jimmy. I wimped out and strapped the Croque Monsieur to the back of the General T'so for the ride over to Ann Arbor, since I really haven't ridden since Night of the Living Tread II.

The race seemed quick. Ten stops people went to, then they came to my checkpoint, where I pointed them to the end at Ambrosia, a coffee shop on Maynard. People started showing up not more than a half-hour after the start. I wandered over the coffee shop after a good chunk of people had stopped to chat and enjoy a hot chocolate. First time I've ever been in this place, which was kinda nice. Apparently they've recently opened the basement, where we all congregated afterwards. I noticed they had a rack of loose-leaf tea, so I should stop there sometime and see if they make it properly.

Pictures, as usual, can be found here.